New Government Scheme To Get Neighbours Together

By on 20th April in Our Company News

The government is looking at ways to improve homes energy efficiency and to get you and your neighbours to come together to take advantage of this new scheme.

The scheme aims to get neighbours to invest together to get better deals on loft insulation and energy-saving light bulbs. The government’s aim is to give more power to the consumers, and also give people better access to the data held about them by the businesses.

Consumer Minister Ed Davey furthered this with an idea of a “kitemark” for consumers to use as a basis when searching for products through price comparison sites etc, to increase consumer trust.

Mr Davey said he wanted to harness the power of the crowd to help everyone save money, as part of the government’s Better Choices, Better Deals initiative.

Power to the people

B&Q are going to be the first company to introduce the collective-purchasing scheme, which if successful, will be expanded, with the government aiming to bring in 5,000 community organisers to help arrange the deals in their area.

Initial plans are for people to sign up as a group to the scheme, with another business or organisation, which could then switch the whole street between energy tariffs ensuring the best deal for all!

So far, 20 big companies, which includes banks, energy suppliers and retailers, have signed up to the data scheme to give the customers access to information on their spending habits.

Credit card companies have also agreed to give annual statements for people to understand their expenditure, what they have paid back and if they have had any fees occur and why.

I think this scheme is a good idea to increase consumer confidence, which is at an all time low. By companies having a kind of transparency, we should trust this company more, after all honesty is always the best policy!

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