Mont Blanc

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We were recently approached by Peter Storey from our Edinburgh Sales Team to ask  if we would consider sponsoring him and two friends.  We are always happy to offer support to colleagues raising funds for charities that they are passionate about, so the first question was what are you planning:- cycling, running?

To our surprise Peter said he was planning to climb Mont Blanc in Switzerland – a mere 4,810 metres high.   So I decided to find out a bit more about Mont Blanc – it is the highest mountain in Europe, others range in height from 4,193 to 4,810 metres.

When Peter and his friends complete this magnificent challenge, the funds are being sent to Save the Children.   Anglian are very pleased to be able to sponsor Peter as this charity is very close to its heart as we raised £100,000 for them when the company was 25 years old.

Peter, Brother and Dog - Aviemore

Peter said that as part of his training, he has climbed six Munros with his brother and his dog. Here is a picture of them at the top admiring the view.


Bad weather

Aviemore in Scotland and a bad weather day

As part of their training, Peter and his co-climbers Colin and Terry got together to climb a few of the Munros range in Aviemore, Scotland.  The Munros are considered to be among the finest as well as the highest of Scotland’s mountains, 283 mountain tops named after the man who first catalogued them, Sir Hugh Munro.

Their climb on Mont Blanc is scheduled for the 23rd June (weather permitting) and will be the second major climb in two years for Peter and his friends.

Toubkal in Morocco 4167m was their first.  Peter said although the climb was “quite high”, it wasn’t technically challenging.   Mont Blanc is their first technical climb, but hopefully it’s just practice for the big ones, e.g. The Eiger at 3,970m and The Matterhorn at 4,477m .


Peter view from Aviemore

A picture of the Munros in Scotland on a good weather day.

For those of you who like interesting and unusual facts, here is one about Mount Everest and the other mountains in the Himalayas, they are still growing!  The measured growth rate is about 2.4” or 6.1cm per year. That means the Himalayan mountains have risen almost a mile in 26,000 years.  This growth is caused by the Indian Tectonic Plate sliding under the Eurasian Plate.

A few more statistics for those of you who like to collect info for your next pub quiz:-

Highest Mountains on each continent are:-
Mount Everest, highest mountain in the world 8,850m
Aconcagua in South America 6,959 m
Mount McKinley in North America 6,194 m
Kilimanjaro in Africa 5,895 m
Mount Elbrus in Europe 5,642 m
Vinson Massif  in Antarctica 4,897 m
Carstensz Pyramid  is under the Ocean in Australia 4,884 m
Mount Kosciuszko in Australia 2,228 m

Last July we had a special guest post from Ian Ridley who’s challenge was to conquer Everest.   Anglian was delighted to be given the opportunity to sponsor Ian and support his fundraising for the Intensive Care Society.

We would like to offer our support to Peter, Colin and Terry and wish them well on this great adventure.  Good Luck and we look forward to hearing about their climb on Mont Blanc on their return.






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