Mhairi’s Guest Blog – Preparing for the Anglian 3 Peak Challenge – Part 3

By on 26th September in Our Company News

This is Mhairi Macmillan’s last blog before she takes on the Anglian 3 Peaks Challenge. Her training has increased, the sponsorship is rolling in and a great charity is having masses of support. We caught up with her last week, so let’s see how Mhairi’s final preparations are going…

“August is a fast month

I’m now feeling a bit more positive as my training has increased throughout August, which is good as the date for the 3 Peaks adventure is racing around. I have unfortunately not had the opportunity to walk one of the 3 Peaks, and therefore I am still very much unprepared for what awaits me. Having heard tales from those of the team that have climbed the ‘real’ peaks in their training endeavours, I’m heeding their advice and working on my cardio; walking long distances, small runs, skipping and spinning, are all examples of activities that I am trying to incorporate into my regime in order to do this.


As well as training, I have began to step up my sponsorship efforts, as ultimately this is what this whole challenge is aid of. Brain Tumour UK is a fantastic charity and Nicola Lankfer (NCCC Training and Development Manager) and Paul Kemmet (NCCC Trainer) have worked tirelessly to arrange this trip and all its intricacies, as well as think up ways in which to increase sponsorship money; so that Anglian can make a worth while and meaningful donation to this charity.

As such, Nicola, Paul K and Lizzi Kilpatrick (Marketing Events and Incentives Co-ordinator), have arranged a Quiz night at Norwich Football Ground for all Anglian employees to partake in. Not only is this event a great way to spread the word about the 3 Peaks challenge taking place, it also gives people from all around the business the opportunity to contribute and donate money to a worthy cause, in a social and fun setting. I better brush up on my general knowledge skills.

Quiz Success

The Quiz night was a great success; the £1,100 raised from the event will all go towards the rolling total of sponsorship money being raised for Brain Tumour UK. So firstly, thank you to Lizzi, Nicola, Paul K, and the support of the marketing department, for making the night so much fun; and a massive thank you to everyone who came and donated their hard earned money to such a brilliant and worthy cause.

I also want to take this opportunity to brag a little bit please; the team I was part of with Stuart Haysman (SHE Manager), David McGee (Asset Maintenance Manager), Kirk Bagge (Materials and Finished Goods Co-ordinator) and Nadia Sobeih (Graduate Management Trainee) came third. Although, I do have to admit, I feel this 3rd place positioning had nothing to do with my input, so I won’t try and take any of the glory.

Stuart and David were not only fellow quiz team members, they will also both be involved in the 3 Peaks challenge, as two members of our support crew; their role within the challenge is vitally important, as they will be involved in planning and getting us to the three peak destinations safely within the 24 hour time period.

September is here already

It is September and now the countdown begins until the challenge is upon us. Saying I am a little bit scared would be an understatement, but I am now also anxious just to get going and get the challenge done.

Anglian 3 Peak Challengers

Sponsorship Update

I appear to be getting more paper based sponsorship at the moment, and I am really surprised at the generosity of people who have sponsored me so far; I am really appreciative of every donation, and it has spurred me on to keep training hard. However, I am now on a mission to try and get as many donations as I can from close friends and family via the JustGiving page, so that the sponsorship total that we can all see keeps rising. Having said this no matter how the sponsorship money is donated, it is all received with massive thanks.

It’s time to get serious

As is typical of me, I have left the buying of the essentials for this trip to the last minute, and therefore I will have to schedule in some time to purchase my walking attire (waterproofs, walking poles, head torch, walking socks , a suitable rucksack with a water reservoir etc). I am determined that I am going to look like a pro, even if my actual walking ability is that of a novice.

My training is still going ok; I do feel I could be doing more though, but I’m hoping that as panic mode kicks in more and more over the coming days, I will up my game and try even harder to improve my fitness- as I’m writing this I am actually humming the, ‘it’s the final countdown’ tune…Oh it really is the final countdown and the denial is wearing off and the reality is kicking in, I am actually doing/attempting the 3 Peaks challenge in two weeks.

This may be the last update I do before the challenge, as I’m off to Scotland next week. If it is the last, please wish me luck and I will let you know how I get on as soon as I return…”

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