Mhairi – “Three Peak Challenge the Hardest Thing Ever Undertaken”

By on 5th October in Our Company News

Today, we have the final installment from Mhairi Macmillan, an Anglian Home Improvements graduate who has took part in the Anglian 3 Peaks Challenge and has shared her training regime with us the last few weeks. This blog walks us through the challenge and how it went for Mhairi;

Snowdon Peak - Anglian 3 Peaks Challenge

“The challenge has been and gone, and all I can say is that I completely underestimated what the Three Peaks Challenge entailed; it was by far the hardest thing I have ever undertaken.

The journey up to Fort William was long and a little bit cramped, but there was a sense of excitement and anticipation about the challenge that lay ahead. I can’t say this is how I felt about the looming task, instead I sat at the back of the mini-bus terrified, nervous and feeling sick about the next day, trying desperately to push the thought of walking up the three peaks out of my mind.

The morning of the 28th September arrived, and we had scheduled a 10.30am departure from our hotel to Ben Nevis. After breakfast, we all scattered off and went to prepare. Preparation for me included; getting on my walking gear, arranging my snacks for the journey up the peaks and ensuring I had enough water. I also had a slight palaver with putting in new contact lenses…I blame this on a nerve stricken shaking hand.

The time had come to leave the warm confines of the hotel; I plodded down to the mini-bus where everyone was waiting adorned with fluorescent orange Three Peak Challenge team jackets. We travelled down to the Ben Nevis base where we were introduced to our two guides. At 12.00pm the walking commenced….

I would explain in detail the walks, but I don’t think that even I, as someone who likes to use ten words when one would do, could explain how hard the experience of the Three Peaks Challenge was.

Even with the training leading up to the challenge, I was not prepared for the physical demands of the walk, and I believe this was down to having no experience with the terrain; there really is no substitute for real experience on a challenge such as this. It was also draining emotionally; I cried with frustration, laughed, and felt proud of each and every one of the challengers and their individual achievements.

Mhairi, Amy & Caroline prepared for Snowdon

Every one of the team was fantastic and bought elements to the group that allowed each and every one of the peaks to be attempted by some or all of us. I was really impressed and proud of each challenger, and could not have hoped to be surrounded by better people.

I may not have completed the Three Peaks Challenge within the outlined rules , but I am really proud of myself and what I managed to achieve, as it is something that I never would have attempted had it not been bought to my attention through work. I am really pleased that I took the opportunity to give it a go.

Although I hated every moment of walking upwards, it has all been worth it due to the amazing response we have had from all those of you that have taken the time to donate your money to Brain Tumour UK. At this point in time we have not reached the £15,000.00 target, but just because the walking challenge is over, the fundraising efforts are not. There will hopefully be more events planned in the up and coming months, that will help contribute to and raise the outlined grand total.

Mhairi on Snowdon - looking cold

All that is left to say is a massive THANK YOU for all the support and motivation and most importantly THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for all the money that you have given in aid of Brain Tumour UK. If you want to donate to the charity you can through our JustGiving page here.

My walking boots are now going into early retirement…”

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