Jazz Up Your Windows This Winter


Winter is beginning to take a hold of the country, but if your house is not thermally efficient, you may want to consider double glazing.

Many UK homes do not meet energy efficiency standards; new windows are essential if you want to increase the heat retention of properties and cut down on fuel costs. Energy bills are steadily increasing and this trend is not going to slow down anytime soon, fitting A-rated EcoGain windows will help reduce them by as much as £238 a year!

However, it is not just the efficiency of your windows that you should take into consideration. You should also look at the type of windows being fitted, the colour and the way you can decorate them to look like a stunning feature in every room. A double glazed window has to suit the style and feel of your home, everything has to be taken into consideration to ensure it adds character to your home.

Red flowers bring the window to life

If you live in a picturesque little country home, then casement windows in either timber or UPVC will evoke a vintage country feeling. To give it that extra sparkle on the inside of the windows, this season’s colours are obviously the reds, oranges and yellows that ooze warmth, so having a deep red sofa covered in wintery floral cushions, will give off an inviting and cosy vibe against the wooden window backdrop.

Timber windows great for country homes

Alternatively, you may be more sleek, minimalist and want a crisp looking white UPV window to disguise itself effortlessly in your home. Using neutral skin toned colours on the interior, keeping the furniture big and in bold colours, defined the look to the window with a vibrant coloured vase with magnificent white Lilies spreading their curvatious, velvet petals.

A double glazed window is not just about saving you money or making your home warmer, it can add life and soul to your house, making it your pride and joy.

Floral curtains or cushions can add texture to a room

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