Homeowners urged to prepare for Winter

Winter Time

As you all may be aware, winter will soon be upon us. This means shorter days and longer nights. Barbeque season is officially over.

Now is the time to start making preparations for the winter to avoid being caught out by the harsh conditions.

Dr Tony Jewell, Chief Medical Officer for Wales has emphasised that improving the energy efficiency of properties, can help households become winter-proof.

There are many possibilities to help stop your little money bags looking so bare this season. You could put that little extra towards the new watch your husband was talking about before his important footy match kicked off and diverted his attention to what the referee was doing, rather than you asking him to take the bins out. Or, on the other hand, those new earrings your wife has tried to be subtle about by leaving little notes everywhere around the house.

For example, installing double-glazed windows and doors can reduce heat loss and energy bills at the same time.

Dr Jewell commented: “Because the weather in the UK is not predictable (tell me about it) we are not always prepared for the severe bad weather that we can, and have in recent years, experienced.”

Jonathan Powell of Positive Weather Solutions recently warned homeowners in an interview with the Daily Telegraph that a winter similar to that seen last year could be in the pipeline. now I don’t know about you, but I will not be looking forward to that then.

If you have any other tips about making your home winter-proof, please let us know by leaving a comment or perhaps send us an email. If we get enough good tips then we might even put them on our blog in a future post!

If you’d like more ideas on Winter-proofing your home keep an eye out for our future blogs which will contain Philippa Forrester’s top 5 tips about energy saving.

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