From One Extreme to the Other – Sally Gunnell Guest Blog

By on 10th October in Our Company News

Here is the second blog from Olympic hero Sally Gunnell! (If you missed the first one click here)

Before I explain my little headline, I should just check that you all noticed the “one year to go” fanfare last week.  The Olympics is only round the corner and this time next year, we’ll be in the thick of it.  I loved being involved in the celebrations to mark the anniversary.  Catching up with old friends, doing interviews, being around the buzzy Stratford site; it’s so exciting and if you haven’t seen pictures of the completed aquatics centre, get online and have a look.  It makes you proud to be British…

It’s been an interesting few days for me.  Every year, a big group of my friends sets off for the New Forest for a camping weekend.  The kids run wild, the adults drink warm white wine out of plastic goblets and we all come home smelling of camp fires.

Well, this year, it was different.  The kids are getting older and they like to have a say in what we do, so at their request, we went for something different and headed to the Isle of Wight.  It felt like a real adventure, because we had to get on the ferry, so you felt like you were going abroad.  A bit silly, but you know what I mean!

We camped at Bembridge in a lovely field, close to the beach.  The kids were able to roam about on the shore.  They crabbed, fished and played chase.  All very energetic and outdoorsy, which is what’s required while the weather is fine (ish!)  One of our group had access to a couple of kayaks and a dinghy, so we were able to mess about on the water.  Needless to say, the kids loved it all.  And so did Jon and I, actually.

The great thing about camping is that it’s pretty cheap, especially if you’re in a group, because you pool resources.  So there’s a communal food pile, shared mattress pumping equipment and so on.  All well organized (not by me, I hasten to add).  There’s no doubt that the kids sleep better, too.  Jon and I can go for a run, leaving the kids playing happily with their chums for half an hour, before re-joining them for some swimming or biking.  When it’s time for bed, there aren’t many arguments.

Having said all that, I’ve come home with a massive pile of washing (the usual wood smoke smell is blending with a seaweedy aroma).  It’s going to take ages to sort it all out and funnily enough, I seem to be on my own sifting through the pile!  I need a relaxing weekend of luxury pampering and good company…

…which is exactly what I’ll get this coming weekend at the Anglian Summer Ball!  I really can’t wait.  It’s the other end of the scale from the campsite and will help the washing nightmare melt away.  I’ll always enjoy a bit of camping (the rough and ready side of it appeals to me) but you can’t beat a relaxing weekend in a lovely country house…

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