Everton’s Proudest Moment – Premier League in a Day

By on 21st March in Our Company News

Here is a short piece from Everton’s Premier League in a Day player/manager, David Rochford.

As Player/Manager of Everton, I’d like it put on record that my rag-tag team of football junkies made good on my promise of Champions League Football next season. The biggest thanks must go to our keeper, Gaz ‘Melton’ Meton whose almost superhuman efforts as goalkeeper kept us in the hunt and nearly cost him his head.

Paul ‘Sizz’ Warman showed every team we played how a step-over should be done – and they never learned, no matter how many goals he scored.

Goal of our day though went to Scott ‘Bunter’ Sealey, who promptly bent down to polish his own trainer. Other heroes include Bob ‘Carol-Gees’ Kett-Brodie, who strained a hamstring early on and then tried to tear it in two by carrying on regardless, and his brother Craig who survived more attempts to knock him to the floor than I can count (i.e. more than 5).

Dedication, commitment, and an almost embarrassing adoration of their manager gave this team the motivation. Their own abilities gave them the, err… ability. And Premier League in a Day gave them the opportunity. They are all heroes; I am astounded and openly smug at what they achieved, putting their bodies and credibility on the line every long minute of the day. If I could stand, I’d do so, and salute them.



Everton 2012

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