England vs Sweden match to display Anglian’s ‘invisible’ ads

By on 13th November in Our Company News

Technology is always advancing and here at Anglian, we like to be up to date with all of the latest gizmos and gadgets, which is why we are displaying an advert in an unusual manner at the England vs Sweden football match on Wednesday. It was also used at the Scotland vs New Zealand rugby match on Sunday.

What is so unusual about these adverts then? Well, if you were in the stadium you will see nothing, but a blank advertising board, but if you are watching the game live on TV in Britain, you will see our adverts! These clever little interactive LED display boards effectively project adverts onto the space where the boards are on your TV screen. This means that the stadium can show different ads in different countries at the same time! So for example, at the England football match on Wednesday you will be sat in your living room in Manchester watching the game and you will see our adverts. However, if you are watching from Sweden you will see alternative adverts specific to your country.

What an interesting and clever new way to advertise! Here is a video of the advert that you might see during the game;

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