EcoGain- Save the pennies and the pounds look after themselves!

By on 6th May in Our Company News

Anglian Home Improvements new EcoGain window is better for numerous reasons, as I have said in other blogs.

However, the one reason I think it will appeal to most of you, is its potential to save you money! Thanks to the low-emissivity glass and sealed unit technology, your home is no longer losing as much heat. In fact, the windows are now helping to heat your home.

Using the energy calculator developed by the GGF (Glass and Glazing Federation) we were able to calculate the potential cost savings and energy savings for a property upgrading to A-rated EcoGain windows.

The results were phenomenal!

If you were upgrading from single glazed timber windows and have electric heating, to EcoGain windows, you could make an annual saving of £325.26! A huge saving for all those people who haven’t yet upgraded their old wooden windows.

But, nowadays most people have uPVC double glazed windows, so if you were to upgrade from pre-2002 double glazed windows to EcoGain windows you could save a whopping £156.69 a year! Now even that is a good day in the local shopping centre; or money that can be spent on taking the kids out.

So, as you can see, A-rated EcoGain windows do make a considerable improvement and saving to your home and it is one that shouldn’t be missed!

Anglian Home Improvements helping raise the standard of your home’s energy efficiency. Visit the Anglian website for information on our new EcoGain windows!

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