DIY costs Britain


Across Britain we are all trying to improve our homes in one way or another, but at a low cost, and DIY seems to be the perfect solution for this.

Sadly for us Brits, figures show that despite our best efforts, we are having to use a ‘do it yourself’ expert to rectify our household howlers, costing us a whopping £235 million a year. 10 of homeowners have had to have a professional come round to sort out these costly mistakes, according to Clydesdale and Yorkshire banks statistics.

Although the population of London were the people least likely to carry out their own home improvements, they were the most likely to need somebody to rectify them.

DIY is not a forte of mine, so I would definitely get a professional to do it, especially as the last time I attempted DIY the chest of draws I made fell apart after a month!

As a home is such an expensive investment, we want to make sure it keeps its value, and home improvements are one way to do this. Energy efficiency is becoming a massive improvement for homeowners to invest in, but it is not an easy skill to acquire and achieve competently, so maybe we should have faith in the professionals out there.

Boy Attempting DIY

DIY costing millions to rectify mistakes

Furthermore, DIY may not only end up costing us more from our pockets, but it is also a bit of a health hazard. The NHS has around 200,000 people a year visit A&E about a DIY accident, ranging from a fall from a ladder, to a severed finger from the buzz saw. Be extra careful using a ladder as it is the most deadly piece of DIY equipment around with the highest cause of death from DIY and 30,000 people a year needing hospital treatment.

So next time you go to do some improvements to your home, think about if you are skilled enough to use the equipment, and carry out the job. If not it may be worth hiring a professional, if not it could cost you more than an arm and a leg.

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