Dapper Louis Smith Olympics Thank You Event

By on 22nd September in Our Company News

Last night, we were privileged enough to be invited to the most successful British gymnast of all time, Louis Smith’s thank you evening; it was an evening where he got to meet all of his sponsors and people who have supported him throughout the most successful 4 years of his life. It was also a time for him to draw a line under this year’s Olympics and start concentrating on his next venture – Strictly Come Dancing.

As Anglian Home Improvements are one of Louis Smith’s sponsors, we were invited to attend this event being held at Proud in the very swanky and fashionable Camden, London. This was a nightclub with separate rooms being hired out for events such as this one, giving out VIP wristbands to all the guests. The room was relatively cosy, round booths surrounded the dancefloor in the middle, which was canopied by some beautiful red and gold material.

Everyone was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the man himself, who strolled in wearing a silver suit jacket, black trousers and some rather blingtastic shoes; he completed this look with some geek-chic glasses.

Laura and Louise With Louis

In this room filled with sponsors, family and friends, there was one man who wasn’t related with Louis Smith, but was doing magic! Josh Brett (@joshmagicman on Twittter) was a close up magician picking out your card every single time, despite never seeing it, shuffling 20 times and somehow changing the card that we chose and placed on the table…it was truly brilliant to watch. My favourite trick by far was when he asked for you to say what your card was; it happened to be the King of Diamonds. Josh says talk to the card and ask for it to jump out of the pack. On doing so, instead of the card jumping out of the pack, a diamond fell onto the table! I don’t have a clue how he did it, but he was very good.

Whilst Louis was mingling, his medals were being passed around the room. It was strange to feel how heavy these medals are. Let’s just say you wouldn’t want to wear them around your neck for too long! We did get some good pictures with these medals though;

Louie with gold medalMe with Louis' Gold medal.

We finally got a chance to speak to the gold medallist and we were all eager to find out who his partner is on Strictly and how his training was going. His partner is Flavia Cacace, a very successful dancer who wants to go far in the competition. She may have an Olympic winner as a dance partner, but can he be dancing legend too? Louis is hopeful he can help fulfil Flavia’s dreams of winning this year’s Strictly Come Dancing and she is putting him through his paces, trying to ensure he doesn’t get into any bad habits early on. He said how each dance move requires your whole body to be involved and he is trying to make sure his foot points in the right direction, but in doing so his hips, arms and hands all have to be in the correct position at the same time. It must be a challenge and we wish him luck!

Sarah with Louis Smith

As a natural born winner, Louis is already an odds on favourite to win Strictly, although he did say that his dance training is a lot harder than his pommel horse training; he has some aches and pains in places he’s never ached before, apparently! However, the amount of discipline and precision you have to control when doing the pommel will surely put him in good stead with his quest to be the champion of Strictly.

Louis was a very humble, intelligent and friendly young chap, he has drive and great ability so with this I am sure he will continue to be successful and hopefully bring more pride and gold to Great Britain in the next Olympics.

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