Daniel Brooks Gets His First Motorcross Win!

By on 15th September in Our Company News

Some of you may already be aware that Anglian Home Improvements sponsor one of our employee’s sons, Daniel Brooks, a young motorcross racer who is going from strength to strength. Here is the latest post from his father Matt telling us about this momentous occasion.

“It looks like our plan to take a step back and practice this year is paying off. Dan raced at Staplecross in Sussex on Sunday and got his best ever result. We are having trouble with starts at the moment; a metal gate drops and all the bikes start at the same time. In this meeting there were 23 riders in Dan’s age group.

In the first race he got to the first corner just outside the top ten, meaning Dan had a lot of hard work passing the slower riders, whereas fast starting riders have a clear track to attack without the distraction of passing other bikes. I don’t think it made a lot of difference to the end result as Dan rode the wheels of his bike to get a great second place!

In the second race the same thing happened again; if he could only get a good start I think he could have fought for the win, but instead he had to settle for a great second place again, but in the last race Dan proved me completely wrong.

In a big effort to get a great start Dan went slightly too early and hit the start gate. By the time he got re-started he was dead last and all the other riders had rounded the first corner a couple of hundred yards away. Anyway Dan started a massive charge and by the end of the first lap he had passed over half the field. Lap by lap he passed the majority of the racers, but with two laps to go he was still ten seconds behind the leader. The crowd gathered as people started to hear what was happening and as the lads came by to start the last lap, Dan made a fantastic late breaking dive up the inside of his rival to take the lead.

To start the long last lap, the riders disappeared out of view from the spectators as they dropped down the side of the valley and were gone for over a minute or so. As they reappeared, Dan was still holding on with his rival, a very fast national runner right behind him. Dan rode a great last lap making his bike very wide and blocking any moves that were made and managed to hold on for his first ever race win.

A very happy Dan on his Anglian backed KTM did his lap of honour, waving to a very exited crowd who had just witnessed a great comeback ride through the entire field .Very exhausted he collapsed off his bike, but no one could take the big smile from his face .Dan looks more confident and comfortable on his bike than I have ever seen him and hopefully this end of season form will lead to great things next year when we attack the national championships.”

Dan during the race at Staplecross

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