Daniel Brookes – Semi-Finals Day

By on 6th July in Our Company News

As we have seen throughout the season Daniel has been performing brilliantly, managing to progress to the British Schoolboy Motocross Association semi-finals. Here is what his Dad had to say about this big day!

The venue was Staplehurst, Kent down by the countryside in the middle of June on a reasonable day. We had plenty of rain the week before leaving the track in perfect condition. In Dan’s group we had a full line up of thirty riders, apparently the best in this part of the country, all trying to qualify for the finals down in Devon in August.

We were delighted that Dan had qualified for this stage bearing in mind he has only been in the group from the start of this year.We knew the day would be challenging, but saying that Dan was very confident of getting into the top ten, the required result to progress to the finals.

In the Traps
For the first race all the riders draw a peg out of a bag to decide there starting position on the grid. Sadly Dan drew gate number 30 not giving us the best start of the day, from then on your gate choice is decided by where you finish in the race before.

Anyway, race one came and Dan got quite nervous before the start, the gate dropped and Dan stalled on the line, trying to get off to a flyer he flooded the engine! By the time we got him going, as has happened a lot this year, Dan was dead last by a fair distance and very upset. He really got his head down and put on a charge, but was against a better quality field and getting a good result was always going to be a big ask. Within a couple of laps he had caught the tail end and started working his way through, it was a brave effort and by the flag he managed to climb to 17th place, a great result considering but Dan was very upset knowing he had left himself an uphill battle to qualify.

We spent the next couple of hours trying to calm Dan down and get him to relax before the next race. Due to his 17th place he had a better grid position and when we got to the start, Dan was back to his usual self and ready to go.

Daniel getting air

The Gate dropped for the race to begin and the unbelievable happened…the rider next to Dan fell over as the gate dropped pulling Dan of his bike as he tried to get away. In this tumble the competitors bike caught Dan’s hand in the back wheel.

Obviously, Dan was in a lot of pain but we freed his hand and got him sorted and set to go a long way behind the rest of the field. To be fair Dan gritted his teeth and gave chase, he did exactly the same as race one and carved through to 17th by the flag, again a fantastic result.

Knowing his opportunity had gone for this year Dan relaxed looking forward to the last race just to see if he could get a good result to end the day. Although he had sprained his wrist, the same one that he broke earlier in the year, we were not sure how this would hinder him.


The gate dropped for the last race and thankfully Dan got away cleanly, all be it near the rear of the field. He quickly worked his way through the field and by mid race was inside the top ten and going very quickly with the leading group, his wrist became an issue in the later stages of the race and he dropped back slightly to get a very credible 12th place.

A tough day and sadly Dan ended up 16th place overall, but considering all the events of the day we were all very pleased. Roll on next year!

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