Brits prefer professionals for home improvements

By on 8th September in Garden, Our Company News

Britons are increasingly likely to choose hire professionals to carry out home improvements.

The vast majority of Britons would rather spend money on using a reliable professional company  for home improvements such as installing double glazing, than attempt to tackle the work themselves, according to new research.

Home Improvements

Experts from WD-40 revealed the findings after conducting a survey of UK homeowners, which showed that 40 per cent admitted to not having the skills to carry out difficult tasks.

Commenting on the research, David Whittome, WD-40 UK’s marketing director, said: “Attitudes have shifted and they would now prefer to hire someone than have a go themselves and risk making a hash of it, which can be costly.”

He added that traditionally, men are unwilling to call in a professional, as they used to view it as an affront to their manhood.

He added that during the recession women are ten per cent more likely to take on home improvements than their male counterparts, despite not having the necessary expertise.

The report follows research from SAGA, the over 50s service provider, which found that more than a third of mature adults had injured themselves when carrying out home improvements.

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