Bobby on a Bike – Day 1


After months of planning, the spectacular Bobby on a Bike’s Charity fund raising ride finally got underway at Aldeburgh early yesterday morning.

This 10th Anniversary ride sponsored by Anglian Home Improvements will see 53 cyclists complete a gruelling 400 miles cycle ride in 4 days from Aldeburgh, Suffolk in the east to Borth in west Wales.

The RNLI  are to be the recipients of all the funds raised and, as a result,  Aldeburgh RNLI welcomed the assembled 53 cyclists  and support crew for the start of their four day cross country adventure.  The cyclists were sent off with a cuppa and a bun and a huge round of applause from wellwishers.

Hopefully all cyclists will complete their 4 day task and finally arrive at their destination where they will enjoy celebrating with 24 bottles of chilled champagne courtesy of Anglian Home Improvements.

Aldeburgh welcomes Bobby on a Bike 2012

With great support from family, friends and local residents the charity ride set off 8.30am.  What an amazing sight it was with the riders wearing their distinctive red and blue tops and the crowd waving to give them a memorable send off.

To ensure that the riders did not get lost getting out of town, the real Police escorted the pack on the first few miles of the ride.


The start  2012

Bobby on a Bike 2012 – We are off!

An event like this calls for a huge back up team to ensure the riders are fed and watered along route.  Each day there will be two water stops and a lunch stop scheduled for the cyclists.  We are sure that the stops will be very welcome with the high temperatures that they will be experiencing over the next couple of days.

The large Anglian banners will leave no-one in any doubt where they should stop or who is supporting them .

Day 1 Lunch stop

Day 1 Lunch Stop

Anglian are proud to have sponsored their own Anglian Knights team of five riders who have promised to text and tweet back to us daily.  The team is headed up by James Wilson, Stuart Staniford, Simon Drake, Chris Underwood and Carey Pearson.  James will be updating us about the teams highs and lows of the ride each day.


Anglian Knights Cycling Team

The Anglian Knights team


The main group some 50 riders strong left Aldbeburgh RNLI following the route below, hoping to complete the first day in a good time, considering the temperatures reached during the day.  Some riders reached the first nights stop before the support crew had arrived.

Bobby on a Bike - Route Day 1

Day 1 – Aldeburgh RNLI to Comberton, nr Cambridge – 95 miles


In addition to the main ride,  Neil Smith, founder of Bobby on a Bike along with his colleagues Rob Bryan and Jeff Cribb are planning to do the route.  Neil and team are hoping to do this in an incredible non stop 26 – 30 hours!  We wish them good luck and really hope that the wind is blowing in the right direction and the months of training will benefit them on their journey.

The news from the Support Crew this morning is that Neil, Rob and Jeff  are doing well considering the warm temperatures – but their spirits are high and they have a massive motivation to achieve their goal in the fund raising for the brilliant work of the RNLI.

Neil hopes that they will over take the main cycling group around midnight tonight whilst they are asleep at Stratford-upon-Avon.  I doubt any of the main riders will be awake to cheer them on as they will have completed their second days ride and will be needing the rest.

Watch this space for more news on how Neil and the boys are getting along, as they will be concentrating on the ride we may not know if they have made it until Wednesday, we will let you know as soon as we do!!




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