Aston Villa Winners Of Premier League In A Day

By on 23rd March in Our Company News

Nick Eddington, from the Anglian Home Improvement’s Sutton Coldfield showroom, was player manager for a strong Aston Villa team who came out winners of this year’s Premier League in a Day, raising hundreds of pounds for Sport Relief.

Aston Villa with their trophy

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you all on a smooth operation of what was a memorable day. It was a pleasure representing Aston Villa and improving on our 2010 season where we finished 3rd, however, I must admit we did not expect to be crowned 2012 league champions. I am sure it will be a long time until the real Aston Villa replicate this achievement, but as the majority of our players are season ticket holders lets hope that maybe in our lifetime we don’t have to wait too long.

There were many lessons to be learnt throughout the day, although many of us thought that playing on FIFA 12 on a PS3 for 3 hours a day was enough training, by 9.10am most of us realised that we used to be able to run with a ball, without the need for a paramedic.

By 9.13am most of us soon realised our feet had a mind of their own and it was going to be much harder than doing ‘keep me ups’ with one of the kids balloons. By 9.52am the smell of deep heat over powered the pitch and touchlines, and shares in pharmaceutical companies began to rise.

However, as the adrenalin pumped through the veins we began to understand what the saying ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ actually meant. Whether you were a goalkeeper being bombarded with precision shots from a sales rep from Torquay, or a midfielder being driven into the wall of the pitch by young marketers from Yorkshire; the day was played in very good spirit and the atmosphere and energy between each team was infectious (I guess we all knew how each other was feeling as the day progressed, which in itself created a team camaraderie between rival teams). Yes it was hard going, yes it was a gruelling day and yes the recovery period is hard as witnessed at breakfast the next morning, but ask anyone in 3 days time would they do it all over again; their answer will of course be ‘Yes’. We collectively have made a difference not only to Sport Relief, which of course is the ultimate aim, but to each other and I am sure all participants will take something positive from a fantastic day.

Thank you

Aston Villa celebrating their win

If you would like to donate to Sport Relief and Premier League in a Day to show your support to the amount of work and effort put into this fantastic charity and event, click here.

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