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Blog Profile RussellThe explosion of technological advancements within the industry has been incredible over the last number of years. Everything from customers service to maufacturing has changed due to new efficient technologies which all contributes to an improving service.

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Today, I’m slightly more excited than normal. I’m a bit of an I-phone fan and could quite happily spend hours in the App-store downloading everything from mine sweep to a good cook book. It’s brilliant, so many useful programs on what is an extremely user friendly and portal device.

Anglian has launched their first (hopefully of many) I-phone applications. The “Angliancompass” application gives both customer and salesman a use friendly program that helps you make the correct decision when installing Anglian energy efficient windows. 

By placing your iPhone against a window the application will show you whether an A or B rated Anglian window would be best suited for that placement. The direction that the window faces impacts on how much solar gain it can achieve:

  • If the window is situated on a north facing wall it won’t receive any direct sunlight. A-rated windows don’t provide a solar advantage in this location.
  • If it’s a south facing window then installing A-rated windows would enable the property to gain most benefit from solar gain and help heat the property by capturing “free energy”. 
  • On east or west facing windows you will still benefit from solar gain but could install either A or B-rated glass. 

When considering A & B rated windows please also take into consideration the amount of shade cast over the window and what the room is used for. In summary this app will make sure that you don’t spend unnecessarily money on replacement windows that are higher rated than needed.

I-phone application

 The application is available to download today from the Apple Apps Store.

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