Anglian get green with pedal power and car sharing schemes


Anglian Home Improvements have launched two new initiatives that help reduce carbon emissions and help their cycle to work schemeemployees save money too! Anglian in partnership with Salary Extras have recently launched a bike scheme which enables employees to get fit, go green and save money by getting a bike to cycle to work. The scheme is a government backed initiative which encourages employees to leave their cars behind by making healthier journeys to work and reducing environmental pollution. The scheme enables employees to pay for the bikes through pre-taxed salary, which means they pay less tax and National Insurance contributions and are able to save around 33 – 44 on the cost of a brand new bike of their choice. Through the scheme employees have a wide choice of bikes from Halfords and local independent cycle retailers as well as a mail order option.  The bikes can be used for leisure purposes as well, provided that the main use of the bike is for cycling to work. Spokesperson Catherine Bennett of Salary Extras confirmed, “We are delighted to see that so many Anglian employees have already applied.  The scheme has got off to a great start, and experience tells us that take up of this popular initiative will grow from strength to strength.”

Get Fit.  Go green.  Save Money!

For those employees for whom cycling to work is not practical, Anglian have also launched the liftshare scheme.  This is a free to use dedicated website that enables employees to log their postcode and search for other colleagues who live locally who are interested in sharing a lift to work and back. Individuals have the opportunity to benefit from the convenience of travelling by car while also reducing the ever increasing costs associated with this mode of transport. Lift sharing also helps to minimise the problems of congestion and pollution.

Save Money.  Save Petrol.  Start Sharing!

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