A Summer of Sport – Sally Gunnell Guest Blog

By on 4th October in Garden, Our Company News

Anglian Home Improvements are lucky enough to have Olympic heroine, Sally Gunnell, telling us about the build up to the Olympics 2012. Here is her first blog.

A Summer of sport is already well under way. There’s something to inspire everybody, from the British Open (next week) to Wimbledon (just gone). For me at the moment, the Tour de France takes some beating. I know there’s been some controversy around the sport of cycling, but these guys are out there day after day, battling the terrain as well as each other. It’s gripping stuff and even my cycle-hating eldest is glued to it on TV!

Talking of bikes, I did my South Downs challenge last weekend, completing 100 miles in about 15 hours. Hard work, but I enjoyed it and it sets me up nicely for the Monster Challenge in September (a team cycle/run event in Scotland). I met a smashing chap on the South Downs ride. He was no athlete and no cyclist either, but he’d decided to come along and give it a go. He ended up doing a good, solid section at the start, before pulling out. He dropped us a line afterwards, saying that he really loved it and that for the first time he felt inspired to have a go at a sporting challenge. He’ll be back next year and now has a target to work towards…getting in shape to complete the South Downs Way in 2 days.

There are lots of much easier events out there to have a go at. You don’t have to go for the Big One straight away. Build your skill and love for the sport slowly and at your own pace; that’s the best way. Just Google “cycling events for beginners” and see what you get!

I missed out on Olympic tickets in the ballot, which I felt really sad about, until I realized that pretty well all my friends were in the same boat. I contacted a hotel chain that was offering packages and ended up booking a hotel room with tickets to some boxing and morning athletics sessions, so at least my kids will get to see some of the Greatest Show on Earth.

I do have tickets to the Anglian Summer Ball, coming up in August. It’ll be good to catch up with some more of you guys there and I’m looking forward to it. I hear from the team that it’s quite an event…

I did a motivational talk to the National Footcan managers up in Coventry recently. I enjoyed spending time with this team and with more events coming up, I guess I’ll just keep meeting more of you, which is fine by me. In fact it’s the best bit of my job.

I went to Hampton Court to check out the Anglian Naked Garden, created by David Doloney. David’s done an amazing job! He’s done a modern-looking garden and I loved the exposed roots running everywhere. They seemed to be the opposite of the well ordered, beautiful wooden decking (I hope this is Anglian decking!), with their twisty-turny appearance. I’ve just read that back and probably won’t ever get a job as a garden writer, but you know what I mean!

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