A Knight, a Castle and an Anglian film crew?


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Anglian goes Hollywood! Ok, I might be exaggerating a little bit but we did do some filming at a very different type of location.

Myself, accompanied by colleagues and camera crew found ourselves at Hedingham Castle in Halstead which is situated about 60 miles from London in North Essex.

The Castle

Hedingham Castle in Halstead

The Castle, no stranger to stardom has previously featured in the popular BBC drama “Ivanhoe” and cult classic film “The Reckoning” starring none other than Willem Dafoe.

The plan was to film a series of TV bumpers for the new daytime programme “The 5 o’clock Show” which is to be aired at the end of this  month  – 31st May on Channel 4. All the filming was based around the iconic Anglian Knight, yes you’ve guessed it I got up close (not that close) to what I can only describe as Sir Lancelot!

The Anglian Knight

The Anglian Knight

The weather, a standard English cloudy day proved only cold as filming for the bumpers was completed within time with some very amusing out-takes. Without giving too much away all I can say is that it is a classic moment seeing a knight in full armour drinking tea!

Anglian’s new sponsorship bumpers will feature for 8 weeks. Please keep an eye out on the blog for a full video clip of the advert which I should hopefully have after it’s initial national broadcast.

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