31 Years Of Service For Alan Head

By on 21st October in Garden, Our Company News

Anglian Home Improvements is renound for having a loyal work force with thousands of years worth of experience, but Alan Head has decided to call it a day with Anglian after 31 years.

Alan retired in September, but had a small party put on for him by friends and colleagues at the Anglian Social Club to celebrate all the years of service he has put in.

Alan started his Anglian career working as a factory detail draughtsman, working for director Stuart Beasly, which involved him producing the detailing work that the designers needed to be drawn. He helped launch the first surveyors guide so that everyone was working to the same format.

His final years at Anglian were spent as a production engineer designing factory layouts.

Since retiring Alan has been house hunting for a bungalow with a larger garden, which he can put his £100 gardening vouchers to good use. As gifts, he also received a walking stick, a magnum of champagne and a cartoon produced by Lee Dickinson.

Alan was thrilled by the turnout at the Social Club and had an interesting retirement speech – he said of his time with Anglian that “you come up against the odd Voldermort, but most people are Hagrids and Hermoines”. Obviously a Harry Potter fan!

Alan Head

From everyone at Anglian, thank you for the many years of service and we hope you have a long and very enjoyable retirement.

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