26 miles walked by Anglian employee to raise money for local playgroup

By on 8th March in Our Company News

Rob Bowles, an employee for Anglian Home Improvements decided he and a few others were going to help raise money for a local village playgroup. Anglian were more than happy to contribute and here is his tale from the day.

With Foulsham village playgroup in need of some refurbishing we decided to do a charity walk to help raise the funds; after all, our children use the facilities it seemed so right. It was decided to walk the entire length of Marriot’s Way 20th October 2012, starting in Norwich and ending in Aylsham a total of 26 miles!

The day was damp to start with as we began near the inner ring road of Norwich around 7.30am, but the path was smooth tarmac and we made good progress. The tarmac, unfortunately, ended and we found ourselves walking on reasonably firm ground as we passed Hellesdon Mill, going into the gorgeous Norfolk countryside. This surface slowly but surely got worse and it became a little harder after each mile, but we carried on, buoyed by the thought of a hot meal and a beer at the end of it!

I thought the girls taking part with me would be lagging behind around halfway, wining as we reached Whitwell Station, but credit to them they stuck at it without a word of regret and I wondered if I would be the one falling behind (never, I’m a man haha!).

The time was now 3 o’clock and the end was in sight (well not actually in sight but you know what I mean!). Our legs were definitely heavier than when we started all that time ago, but one more short push and we made it. The time was now 4 o’clock so not too bad we thought!

Once we collected all the money pledged we were amazed to reach a grand total of £1300.00. This fine figure included a generous £250 from Anglian (big thanks) and around £150 from my colleagues within unit 19 (more thanks!).

This money has gone towards cushioned safety flooring, paint, toys and educational bits and bobs and was gratefully received by the volunteers who run the playgroup. They extend their warmest thanks for the generosity shown by all who contributed.

Rob Bowles

Rob Bowles charity walk

Photo shows Rob, Kath his wife and Suzy.

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