The benefits of Safe & Sound glass

Make your home a quieter, safer place with Safe & Sound glass

Sometimes it seems as if the world's becoming noisier, so we've developed our Safe & Sound glass to give you peace and quiet inside your own home. It will dramatically reduce all kinds of noise including that experienced from living near a busy road, under a flight path or close to a building site. It'll also help keep any sounds you or your family make inside your own four walls. It works like this:

  • Sound waves reverberate when they hit solid objects like your windows. Double glazing helps to deaden the noise but Safe & Sound glass increases the effect with panes of different thicknesses. It means the vibrations are at different frequencies, reducing the ability of sound to pass through
  • Standard glazing has two 4mm panes of glass separated by a 16mm cavity, providing level 31dB sound insulation. Safe & Sound uses 6.4mm laminated glass on the outside and a 4mm inner pane, with a 14mm cavity, increasing the sound insulation to 36dB. That's a 16% improvement.
  • The lamination has the additional benefit of making your windows safer, as they're harder to break

Safe & Sound glass has a standard energy rating of B and can be upgraded to A - you can opt for it on our uPVC casement and sliding sash windows.

* The level of sound reduction may be affected by certain factors like the varying blend of noise frequencies, window sizes and trickle vents. Trickle vents are designed to provide ventilation but will, by definition, let in some sound. We would therefore recommend that you specify windows without trickle vents and where background ventilation is required use an alternative method of ventilation, such as acoustic wall ventilators.

Standard glass compared to Safe & Sound glass