How to Dress a Bay Window

Bay windows are beautiful; they let light flood into the room, they can be an idyllic seating area for you to watch the world pass by or a great backdrop for ornaments and flowers, but dressing them can be a little tricky.

Here's a few ideas for you to achieve a glamorous bay window.


Curtains are an obvious first choice as they can be made with all sorts of materials and patterns to match a room. The fact they also block out light, keep heat in our homes and can help reduce draughts if you have old or under-performing windows, means they have multiple purposes.

Curtains act as a frame for the window, so you can be big and bold with block colour curtains or mix it up with patterns.

Ann Broad curtains in a bay window
Thomas Sanderson shutters


These shutters by Thomas Sanderson are a classic and elegant addition to a bay window, allowing masses of light into your home when fully open and offering supreme privacy when closed.

For maximum use of shutters, get solid ones so no light penetrates when closed. These are probably most suited to a bedroom or living area.

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Twist them to brighten up a room, pull them up to let sunshine pour in, twist again and block it all out. Endless options, endless styles and materials. Use these in whatever room you like, there is a style that will work perfectly. The second picture is actually concertina style blinds, so they won't let light in when down. Both are from Thomas Sanderson.

Thomas Sanderson White blinds living room set
A bare bay window - no curtains or blinds


Keep your clothes on if stood by this bay window. Sometimes no dressing is perfectly suitable for the purpose of the room or the style, as this room shows.

Sure it is a bedroom, however, I would imagine it isn't overlooked so the inhabitants were safe from wandering eyes.

A Mix

Combining blinds and curtains works. It adds depth and texture to the window and means you get to be a bit more creative with your styles and materials. Keep one relatively plain if you decide to go for a patterned material for the other as it could be overwhelming or clash.

Ann Broad curtain and blind mix

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