Help Sell Your Home with Double Glazing

With house prices always fluctuating, we're all looking for ways to increase the value, as well as giving it the edge over other properties, and double glazing is one method achieving this.

By installing double glazed windows, you are not only making a home look better, but increasing its green credentials, and doing so without breaking the bank. If your double glazing is already in place then why not consider improving the wall insulation or installing an energy efficient boiler.

Paul Smith, chief executive of Haart estate agents, told the Independent, "Prime homes in prime locations always sell well, but there is a shortage of better-quality home on the market."

"So any work done has got to enhance the property, make it stand out from the crowd."

If you are looking to sell your home it still remains tough, so here's a few other tips to sell your home;

1. First impressions are everything, so make the front of the house look tidy, neat and inviting. Why not consider a new front door or renovate your driveway? If your house looks run down or messy, people are not going to want to see the inside.

2. Cleanliness of the whole house is very important, including the bathroom, kitchen, toilet and bedrooms. You should pay special attention to windows as they show all the dirty marks. Dust and cobwebs will also deter people from liking the house.

3. Fix anything broken, such as wall or floor tiles, a drippy tap or a squeaky door. If things like this aren't done it could leave a potential buyer thinkng "What else is wrong with this property?"

4. Paint in neutral colours. Having a blank canvass gives a more classy finish and can give your potential buyers ideas into how they would like to decorate the house.

5. Pets should be kept under control, not many people like being greeted by a big, slobbery dog.

6. Use air fresheners to keep each room smelling clean and fresh. Flowers can also help with this as well as making the room more aesthetic and friendly.

7. Try not to have too much clutter laying around. Tidy away unnecessary items such as coats, shoes or toys.

Hopefully, these cheap and easy tips can help you sell your home, or just make it more cosy.

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