How to Reduce Your Heating Bills With Room Layout And Furniture

Most of us are always looking for ways we can reduce our bills in some way or another, and your heating bill is one that can be reduced with a number of little tricks and techniques anyone can do at home.

There are also some great products out there that can help you get warm without resorting to ramping the thermostat up at the first available opportunity.

We actually highlighted some such ways in our 50 Ways Your Home Can Save the Earth infographic, and we’ve included them again here along with some other ways you can reduce your heating bills through your furniture and room layout.

50 Ways Your Home Could Save the Earth

Close the blinds/curtains

On the other hand, when it’s dark and cold outside, make sure you close the blinds or curtains as this will stop any warm air escaping through the windows. If you have a radiator under your window, ensure the curtains don’t hang down in front of it or the hot air will get trapped between the curtains and the windows.


Use rugs on wooden floors

Wooden floors are not always the kindest to your heating bills but this can combatted to a certain extent by laying down rugs. They will act as makeshift insulation and will help to keep the room nice and warm if you have the heating on. It also feels much nicer on your feet on a cold morning when you’re not wearing any shoes or socks. Using rugs on wooden floors can help you save between 4%-6% on your energy bills.

Rugs are a great way to warm a room. especially if you have wooden flooring.

Move furniture

The layout of your room can also impact on your heating bills. For example, if you have sofas or chairs in front of radiators, then this will block much of the heat from reaching the rest of the room and it will take much longer for the room to heat up. Even just moving the sofa away from the radiator a few inches can help.

If you have an open fireplace and chimney that you don’t use then you could try moving the sofa in front of it to block some of the cold air coming down. Even better would of course be to block up the chimney if you don’t need it.

Invest in an electric blanket

Long gone are the days when electric blankets were items for those of an older generation. If you really feel the cold and dread jumping into a freezing cold bed at night, the just pop the electric blanket on 10 minutes before you get in and you’ll reduce the temptation to leave the heating on at night to warm you up.

Thermal wallpaper

Insulation is one of the best ways to keep your home warm, but it can be quite costly and takes a bit of time to fit, particularly in the walls. With that in mind, thermal wallpaper might be a good alternative. It’s about 4mm thick and can really help keep the heat in, although it is a little more expensive than most normal wallpapers.

Thermal Wallpaper

Heat massage chair

For those who want to splash out a bit and go a little more extravagant, then a heat massage chair could help you keep warm in style, albeit with a lot less money in your pocket. This La-Z-Boy heat massage chair clocks in at just under £1,500, but it does also come with a fridge built in, so it might be pricey, but it’s pretty amazing!

Underfloor heating

Another alternative to having the radiators on constantly is to opt for underfloor heating. Obviously this is a little bit more of an investment but it can definitely help to make the house warmer, and the running costs are also relatively low – about 6-8 pence per hour depending on your service provider. It runs silently and won’t put any undue stress on your existing boiler, with no pumps or valves, so there’s very little that can go wrong with it.

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