How a Fresh Set of Conservatory Furniture Cushions Can Revamp Your Whole Conservatory

It is a New Year, which means the days are slowly getting longer again and our homes will see more light, especially in the conservatory. However, all of this light can have a negative effect on our furniture; UV light can make them fade and look old. Well there are ways to combat it or even help prevent the fade.

Anglian offer a Solaroof option; this is a special glass for the roof of your conservatory that acts like a pair of sunglasses, but for your conservatory. This high-tech roof blocks 98% of UV rays meaning you still have a bright and airy conservatory, but the harmful UV rays are blocked, protecting your furniture.
Anglian conservatory solaroof
Should you not have an Anglian Solaroof then your furniture may be putting up with these harmful rays on a daily basis. We have an article today from who have some great advice to help you renew your conservatory furniture.

We all relish the opportunity to enjoy the sun in our conservatories, Sun-staining is something that plagues us all, and gradually as time passes by, we all grow a little disdain for our conservatory furniture cushions, in their sorry state.  The sun, moisture and wear and tear from people and pets, can leave our furniture sets looking rather tired and tatty.  Many people would think it was time to go out and buy a brand new conservatory furniture suite, however if you’re looking to revamp your conservatory, whilst keeping costs low, then why not simply replace the cushions themselves?
Lichfield suite conservatory furniture
Many furniture suppliers stock replacement conservatory furniture cushions, and these can be as little as £65.00 per chair, a great price if you’re looking for something with a big impact, whilst remaining cheap and easy.

The base of the cushion is made using premium foam, and the back of the cushion is manufactured out of hollow fibres.
Before & After shot of wicker furniture makeover
These comfortable yet stylish cushions come in two sizes, and are made to fit most cane conservatory furniture, chairs and sofas.

It’s a good idea to clean your rattan furniture down before you put on the new cushions, this will also give your furniture that new shine. Remove the existing cushions and simply take a wet soapy cloth and scrub down the rattan, it should clean up easily.

So if you’re about ready to turf out your old conservatory furniture, then don’t despair, a cost effective way to rejuvenate your conservatory is here.
MGM conservatory furniture

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