Anglian Window Scrappage

At Anglian we are committed to sustainable manufacturing and the safe and responsible recycling of all waste materials. This means that on top of our fantastic discounts, Anglian scrappage allows you to benefit further by receiving up to £3000 to help you upgrade to new, more energy efficient windows.

Details on the anglian window, scrappage scheme

Throwing money out your Windows?

  • On average 18% of the energy you're paying for is lost through your windows

  • The average home can leak up to £280's worth of energy a year

  • Getting money back for your old windows is an affordable way to make your home more energy efficient, helping to save you money each year on your energy bills

  • The red areas in these thermal images show the areas of heat loss, compared to having Anglian B-rated windows installed

It pays to go Green with up to £3000 off your installation!

  • The Anglian Dream Home Improvement sale allows you to receive up to an incredible 45% off windows and doors

  • Using scrappage on top of this gives up to an additional £3000 for your old unwanted windows

  • This deal has worked for 1000s already, and is the perfect opportunity to make your home cheaper to run

  • We care for the environment: each year we recycle 3300 tonnes of glass, 1300 tonnes of PVC, 80 tonnes of metal, 270 tonnes of wood

  • Our ever popular Scrappage Scheme is now available to help you upgrade to our superb new Triple Glazing option.

  • Mr L – Peterborough
    I bought my Anglian windows using scrappage and I’ve noticed around a 15% reduction in my energy bills since having my windows replaced. The installation team were tidy and conscientious and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Anglian to friends and family.

We can make your home more energy efficient... But don’t take our word for it!

We sent an independent assessor to a customer both before and after an Anglian window installation, as demonstrated in the video below:

  • On the first visit the evidence spoke for itself, his timber single glazed windows were leaking heat everywhere
  • After the install the homeowner was able to detect an immediate improvement: "The difference is very noticeable. Since having the windows fitted and despite it becoming rather autumnal I still have not had to have the heating on."

How window scrappage helped homeowners

Window scrappage helped hundreds of our customers become energy efficient and therefore reduced their energy bills, here's just some of the testimonials we received:

  • Mr H – Ipswich
    I’m really happy with the appearance and performance of my new windows and I got money off by scrapping my old windows with Anglian too!

  • Mr P – Peterborough
    I’ve greatly improved the insulation of my house and Anglian got the job done to my exact requirements. The installation team worked hard and were very clean, tidy and efficient. I no longer feel the draught coming through the house, It certainly pays to go green!

You can see more of testimonials left by our customers here or you could watch some of their video testimonials.