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Elizabethan Panoramic Extensions


The Elizabethan era saw the development of some of the nation's great gardens and likewise the Elizabethan Panoramic Extension is a great complement to both your home and your garden.

Available in six stunning finishes (including the dual finish of white on the inside and wood effect on the outside) and with a choice of roof options, roof windows, ceiling styles and decorative glass your Panoramic Extension can be completely unique.


Elizabethan features


Roof and ceiling - The three faceted roof can be finished in materials to match your home or, if you prefer, to contrast. Available with either a conventional ceiling or a vaulted roof with exposed timbers.

Elegant and traditional - The Elizabethan Panoramic extension features clean, clear lines and an elegant facade which suits both modern and more traditional homes.

Decorative glass examples

Examples of decorative glass

Latest technology

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