What is the Scrappage Scheme and why should you take advantage?

By on 25th October in Home Inspiration

You may have seen Anglian Home Improvements has relaunched the Scrappage Scheme, rewarding you for your old windows and offering a discount on your new double glazing. A recent survey suggested a quarter of Brits are worried they won’t be able to heat their home throughout Winter, so the big question is, what is the Scrappage Scheme and why should we be taking advantage of it?

Anglian Scrappage Scheme

What is the Scrappage Scheme?

The Anglian Scrappage Scheme is very simple, giving you money for your old windows and doors, whilst also offering you a discount on your brand new double glazing too. You can receive up to £3,000 for your old windows, going towards your upgrade to new energy efficient glazing. On top of that you can get an extra 45% off your new double glazed windows too, helping you improve the energy rating of your home for less.

The Scrappage Scheme doesn’t just benefit you, as a business it makes perfect sense to recycle, reclaim and become more cost efficient where we can. This improved efficiency for us as a business can then be passed back to you, the customer. We pride ourselves on raising the standard of all areas of business and by recycling all of your old products, we are preventing it being sent to landfill and doing our bit for the environment.

107 kilotonnes of uPVC is sent to landfill each year, so the more we can recycle it, the better! The Building Research Establishment claim that uPVC can be recycled up to 7 times in its 200 year life, so this is something all double glazing companies should be taking advantage off.

 Energy efficient windows

When we remove your old windows and doors, we will try to recycle every component no matter how big or small. uPVC is recycled back into production, as is glass because it uses less energy to reproduce it than to make it from scratch. As we manufacture our old windows, recycling double glazing glass is very easy as it contains very few impurities, so it can be put back into good use again very quickly.

If we have glass that cannot be recycled for windows, we can have it crushed into a coarse sand to be turned into insulation, another great method to keep your home warm.

Why choose the Scrappage Scheme?

  • All materials are recycled responsibly
  • Rather than paying to send product to landfill, we pass the savings to you (up to £3,000)
  • The environment benefits from the scheme
  • Your home becomes more energy efficient
  • You save money because of this over years to come

Now is probably the best time to upgrade your windows to energy efficient ones as energy companies are, once again, hiking up their prices. 12% of Brits think that no heat is lost through windows, but this is a key area that heat is lost! Old, draughty windows will be keeping your energy bills high, so if this sounds like your windows, maybe it’s time you gave us a call….


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