Should You Buy a Secondhand Conservatory?

By on 18th March in Home Inspiration

If you’re looking at bringing your garden closer to your home with a conservatory, you’re bound to have seen adverts for preowned conservatories. The question we’re looking to answer is whether you should buy secondhand conservatories or not?

We recommend always buying new for the following reasons:

They’re Professionals

By choosing to buy a conservatory from a reputable company you can rest assured that you’re going to get a job well done.¬†You can also rest easy that if the job isn’t done well, you’ve gone with a reputable company that will put it right for you!

If you’ve bought a secondhand conservatory there’s no guarantee it won’t leak, break or have parts missing.

Anglian Installer

It’s All About the Base

If you buy your conservatory with a reputable company, they will build a base that complies with building regulations and can definitely withstand the weight of your beautiful new conservatory.

If you’ve decided to get a secondhand conservatory you will probably have to find not only someone to build it for you, but also someone to dig and build the foundations. This can be a major problem in future if not done correctly – it may not comply with building regulations too.

This means you could end up with a home that’s gone through a major upheaval and ruined it, all because corners have been cut.

Anglian Conservatories base

A Good Guarantee

If you buy a secondhand conservatory you’re not getting a robust guarantee with it. You won’t get any guarantee it’s even a good quality product let alone one that will last.

Buy a new conservatory and the company should offer you a good guarantee that will ensure your product stands the test of time, complements your home and abides by planning permission and building regulations.

White uPVC conservatory

When shopping for a new conservatory, don’t try to cut corners by buying a cheaper, secondhand conservatory. It’s a big project with the aim of creating more living space, so make it worthwhile and save up for it.

A conservatory can make a big difference to your home and if you choose a big company and are worried about the costs, take advantage of their finance or loan packages – you can spread the costs and get the conservatory you’ve been dreaming of.

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