A History of Laura Ashley’s Oriental Garden Design

By on 23rd July in Home Inspiration

As you may have seen, Anglian Home Improvements have partnered with Laura Ashley to bring you elegant decorative glass designs for your windows, doors and conservatories. To celebrate this, over the next 6 months, we will share a little history of some of the timeless Laura Ashley designs available as decorative glass. First in the series is Oriental Garden.


Image from Laura Ashley.

Oriental Garden is a silhouette of one of Laura Ashley’s signature designs; Summer Palace. Summer Palace was added to the Laura Ashley range in 1988, inspired by an antique Edwardian chintz curtain and chair cover from the Laura Ashley archives.

This Edwardian antique design featured a Chinese style tree of life with ornate flowers, nightingales and butterflies, rich in vibrant colours such as crimson, jade and emperor blue.

summerpalace wallpaper

Image from Laura Ashley – Summer Palace Wallpaper

It has proven to be a popular design, being recoloured approximately 7 times and even being the inspiration for another range called Elveden. Summer Palace is a lively, beautiful print – its graceful design for the spring/summer finds itself on wallpaper, mugs, cushions, fashion and now it’s available in Anglian window, door and conservatory glass.

Laura Ashley glass in an Anglian Conservatory

The silhouette design of Oriental Garden makes it an ideal choice for the etching technique used in Laura Ashley Decorative Glass. The stunning pattern would look fantastic on the window of a bright room, and is ideal for a conservatory. It’s a vibrant pattern, so if you’re thinking about installing a conservatory this pattern should be one to consider.

To see more Laura Ashley Decorative Glass designs, visit the Laura Ashley page on the Anglian website. If you’d like to find out more about Laura Ashley designs, fashion, wallpapers and more go to www.lauraashley.co.uk.

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