The Anglian Scrappage Scheme is back and better than ever!

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The hugely successful Anglian Windows Scrappage Scheme from 2009/2010 is making a glorious return, and this time it is better than ever!

The Scrappage Scheme was setup in 2009/2010 offering homeowners a discount on their installation of energy efficient double glazing in exchange for your old windows, which we then recycle. On top of that we gave an extra 40% discount off of your new windows when the customer agreed to become an Anglian EcoHome! As a result, thousands of homes were made more energy efficient, capitalising on the Scrappage Scheme and have had lower energy bills ever since.

It took months of Government lobbying with a petition as we tried to get a National Scheme put in place, in similar fashion to the car scrappage scheme. After the Government decided against it, we thought we would start our own scheme to do the right thing, recycling old windows and passing the discounts onto you.

To prove Anglian’s Scrappage Scheme really made a difference, we had an independent assessor go to a customer’s home before and after the installation. Using a thermal imaging camera he took photos of the property before and after, showing the difference in heat loss through the windows and doors. Watch for yourself;

We spoke to some of our customers that took advantage of the Scrappage Scheme to see how their new windows are performing and how the Scrappage Scheme has helped them. Mr L from Peterborough said “I bought my Anglian Windows through the Scrappage Scheme and I’ve noticed around a 15% reduction in my energy bills since having my windows replaced. The installation team were tidy and conscientious and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Anglian to friends and family.”

Mrs B from Surrey was thrilled saying, “We’ve noticed a huge difference with our energy bills, in fact you can feel the difference! The Anglian team were incredibly professional and we’ve been left with windows that fit our property perfectly. I would definitely recommend the Scrappage Scheme, as it gives you great peace of mind to know that everything that can be recycled, will be recycled! My Anglian installation is a delight!”

What’s new?

With the old Scrappage Scheme you used to get up to £2,500 for your old windows; with the new scheme you now get up to £3,000 off! Your old windows will be removed and recycled, whilst earning you some cash too. Finishing the deal off, you get up to 45% off your new double glazed windows and doors, giving you a greener home for less.

So, if you are looking to save money over the coming years with windows that lock the heat in, now is the time to get in touch.

Anglian Scrappage Scheme

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