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  • Ashlea felton

    Hi I would love a garden makeover don’t no if you can help I dont have a clue about gardening & have a baby now & would like a safe garden for him when he is older & somewhere were I can sit & enjoy it

  • maxine clarke

    i would love to have help in my garden, i had some put some pebbles at the front drive this lasted maybe two weeks then the weeds started to come threw, im being taken over by weeds i carnt manage this garden the back is just grass but keeps growing help please

  • Denyse

    Garden help needed!!!!

  • Denyse Manton-Cowden

    Garden makeover needed

  • Adele Lee

    Large mud pit , wanted garden for very patient children and neighbours. Please help we bought a house thinking what a lovely big garden we could make however we have tried to make it a garden once and failed miserably, Our garden is huge and we have no idea where to start or what to do with it and very little funds our two and three year old have no where safe to play, it is a site for sore eyes and i feel truly sorry and ashamed for my poor neighbours who have lovely gardens and have to look at ours, ideally i would like a grassed area, tree house on our apple tree and a decked area my husband is a joiner so would easily do the deck but we cant decide on the best design we also need it to be low maintenance it would be a great before and after for your show i am happy to send pictures of the disaster zone as it currently stands if required. Finally we would love to be on the show.

  • lwatts

    IF you want to apply for the next series follow this link –

    Fingers crossed you get chosen! πŸ™‚


  • shirley dalton

    our beautiful big front garden needs careful planning and imagination ime ok indoors but outside i am alittle overwhelmed where to start,the garden has been fondly named by the neighbours as the widerness although i have tamed it back quite a lot , it needs a real pro to finnish it off. i would be happy to send you photos. many thanks for reading my message i look forward to hearing from you.from shirley dalton

  • wendy Highfiled

    Desperate help needed, wonkey fence, bald garden and a large area of garden that is
    sloping and wasteland. We have a wealth of nature around and would like a garden that
    will create a family area and a place for the foxs , hedge hogs and bats. we have a limited budget but good access to garden, we back onto the railway line and trans penine way but need lots of help to make a garden to be proud of.
    Please help as we would love to be on the show and will provide all the bacon sandwiches and pots of tea needed to get the job done. Kinds regards Wendy

  • Maria

    Dear David Hi, wondering if u could help me fix my drive & back garden. I had my drive done, but was robed by the travelers & left with tarmac on drive, good friend rolled it for me. I have lived with for8 years. I am disable person not working,drive is just coming up. dangerous to walk on. Could you help, or someone u know who can. Please Please help. Thank you, Regards Maria

  • James

    Love your program very much. I have a little garden, as lack of design skills, since we moved in a year ago, I still no idea how to create a lovely morden garden for my baby-Natalie to play in. We’d love to join your show if have this luck. Thank you !

  • bsmith

    Thank you very much πŸ™‚

    If you would like the chance to take part in the next series of Garden ER then click on the link and enter in your details πŸ™‚

    I hope this helps.

    Many Thanks,


  • bsmith

    If you would like to be in for a chance to take part in the next series of Garden ER then just click on the link and enter your details in πŸ™‚

    I hope this helps!

    Many Thanks,


  • bsmith

    If you would like to be in for a chance to take part in the next series of Garden ER then just click on the link and enter your details πŸ™‚

    I hope this has helped!

    Many Thanks,


  • I am recently divorced and moved into my new house I had the back garden “landscaped” and now have a huge pile pebbles which the local cats use as a toilet and my neighbour’s leylandi
    sheds gloom All I wanted was a lovely place to sit and enjoy . A tranquil space to calm my soul. I have been through an awful lot with a traumatic divorce and a period of homelessness and my home is so important to me It is my haven. I so want some help to get this last bit of my new life right. I work long hours in a demanding job that leaves little time for gardening a

  • shaun

    hi i would like a garden make over for my partner as her garden is in a right mess i would do it but have not got a clue where to start she has a lovley big garden at back which a lot could be done to it so please please help me to do this for her thanks

  • samantha bowyer

    hi there ive just moved in to a lovely 2bedroom house and i love it so much ive almost finished doing the inside but the back garden so so big i dont think i couuld do it by myself and i have a 5year old boy i could really do with ur help i would love some where 2 sit and enjoy my garden please get back 2 me

  • lwatts

    If you would like to apply for the show please click here
    All you have to do then is fill in the boxes and tell us why you should be on the show.

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  • brian burns

    II am now a full-time carer for my mum. A few years ago I tried to improve my garden but now it has become a jungle of green. Conifers have taken over and there is no space or light. I desperately need help to recreate a nice garden area. Please please help me.

  • Angharad morgan

    In desperate need of a garden makeover as my kids cannot play outside!! My partner decided to rip up the garden to make a safer garden for kids but then left before putting the new garden in !! Please help as I haven’t got any green fingers

  • Katie Porter

    My parents have a huge garden and have invested no end of time and money into trying to make it grand and beautiful. The only problem is that a job never gets finished and with the hours they both work it probably never will. Mum has recently had a load of health problems and dad is strugling to get things done alone. Now that us kids are growing up and flying the nest they have decided to foster and give disadvantaged children the amazing upbringing and home that we had. I would love to give something back to them and help finish this garden so that they and the children they care for can enjoy it and be happy in a beautiful and safe outdoor enviroment.

  • Debbie Bowes

    Dear David

    I want to burst into bloom and be the best that I can,
    especially for my owner, she’s my biggest fan.
    My lawn as she calls it is nothing of the sort,
    but still she mows me, a battle often fought.

    I want to explode with colours pleasing to her eye,
    with gorgeous aromas she can smell wafting by.
    Winding pathways leading to who knows where,
    maybe the nooks and crannies, that sadly lay bare.

    A patio, a gazebo, a barbeque, lights, steps and walls
    the choice is unlimited where flowers can fall.
    She loves to feeds the birds and many do visit
    oohh, how wonderful if the birds lived in it.

    Deb sits on a chair with her cup of tea
    and I hear her thoughts of how magnificent I could be.
    I am large with lots of TLC and work required
    Deb does her best but a makeover is what I need and deeply desire.

    I am no easy task but why not give me a go
    for with your efforts I know, I will live and continue to grow.
    I’ll burst into bloom and be really alive,
    give joy to Deb’s grandchild Sophie, who is almost five.

    Sophie loves gardening and did plant some peas,
    she ate them from the pod, she was so full of glee.
    They made a veggi plot where time they do spend
    It’s not very good, but together they tend.

    I know Deb loves me, but too overwhelming am I
    She really needs expert help so that I can begin thrive.
    I hope this message reaches you and I am sure you can see
    that I CAN really be the garden I so much want to be


    Deb’s Garden

  • Peter Cawley

    Hi could you hekp.My garden is a mess it was like this when we bought the house in 2007.We have tried our best to make it safe and enjoyable in the summer months but unfortunatelly we failed.

  • lisa southcott

    My husband started to pull down an old pigeon house which was here when we moved in and has left half of it still there. My three children can’t play in the garden now and it is a real eye-sore. The previous owner has really neglected the garden and it is unsafe for children to go in. There are dangerous slates sticking up from the ground, which my children could fall on and hurt themselves and a hotch potch of random flowerbeds, raised at different levels, which are just bizarre! Please help if you can, I would be very grateful.

  • colette wakeling

    Hi, we have a 300 ft garden on a gentle slope with a small orchard but mainly grass and would like some help. We have 2 children under 3 so its a mammoth task!

  • Matt Webb

    High chief my back garden is a total nightmare. We have two children one and two who cannot play in the garden, the mrs had real bad time on the second birth and is lucky to be still with us. There is probably nothing u can do but hey u got to be in it to win it. Would be a real good treat for the wife. Take it easy.

  • Hi I’ve recently had a garden disaster, I am a foster carer for the local council and was told that the garden was unsafe for children to play unsupervised in it due to recent building work, due to this dilemma I invested my savings into getting the garden safe for the children to play in by employing a so called landscape gardener who was recommended through word of mouth, the work took of pretty well with brickwork been completed then nothing!! I attempted to contact the gardener on several occasions with no success. Now my circumstances have also changed substantially and with a recent marriage break up I am unable to complete the work, I feel that with my work commitments as a nurse working shifts that this is taking up all of my time and affecting my ability to foster I hope that you can help in any way possible

  • Emma Downey

    Hi, I would love a garden make over for my friend. we started on her garden in the summer, we laid the weed membrane and were going to gravel it. Then she suffered a serious back injury and had to have spine operation. This not only meant that she could no longer do the work in the garden but she is also on sick pay therefore cannot afford to spend money on things like gravel. As we had already put the membrane down the grass died! We have had to take it up since as it was blowing around the garden. The garden resembles a swamp at the moment!! Every time her cats or her dog goes out and back in they tread mud through the house!!!

    Please hellllp!!!!

  • Suzanna Smith

    hello i have just moved into a new home after a split, weve done good with the house but the garden its a corner house with a huge and i mean huge garden – i just dont know where to start theres 15 christmas trees in there … please Help

  • shiley beetlestone

    Hello,please would you consider helping us.Our garden is what you called lived in,(a mess) we fostered young children for over 20years,and the garden was their safe place to do what has and what they wanted ( within reason) unfortunately due to ill health we had to give fostering up. the only place my husband had as his pride and joy was his greenhouse where the children used to love picking there own fresh tomatoes etc. my husband is now unfortunately disabled and cant do the things he used to so even the greenhouse is now sitting bare at the end of the garden. we used to love nothing more than to sit out at night but owing to the state of the garden we don’t tend to do this now and are embarrassed to say that we dont encourage people to come around the back . my husband is 64 and i am 61 and would love to spend the days and evenings sitting in a more respectable garden as we dont tend to go out a lot ( especially my husband) thanking you in anticipation

  • Fiona

    Hi am at my wits end. I have 3 huskies and garden is like a quagmire and house full of mud. It’s everywhere. I’m 52 and live on my own and to be honest am really struggling as to fix the problem. Garden is built on rock and really don’t know what to do. Moles have made quite a mess as dogs smell them then dig giant holes to try and get them. Can someone plead help

  • Vipen Paul

    It’s my wifes 40th this year,, would love a garden make over, at the moment it’s a over grown mess… We had building work done last year, but haven’t got round to doing the garden, my children play round the front, as the back gardens dangerous.. My son keeps going on about getting the garden done, he’s only 12, we just haven’t a clue.. Either decking, slabs, or have railway sleepers as boarders… Plus we have a big oak tree at the bottom of the garden which over shadows, what use to be the lawn,
    Many thanks VIP

  • lwatts

    IF you want to apply for the next series follow this link –

    Fingers crossed you get chosen! πŸ™‚


  • Viv Beard

    I am desperate for my gardens to look like gardens, I am disabled so cant kneel/bend anymore and my 18yr old daughter who lives with me is terrified of anything that crawls/wriggles or even looks at her ( as am I ) we have really tried again and again but fail everytime I dont have much money but there must be a way. The gardens have so much potential but we dont know how and it would be so good for my bones and my daughters tan! to be able to sit outside in nice weather as I have a problem going out the fresh air would be a luxury for me.

  • Susan Williams

    hi i work in a nursing home we need help we need to have a new garden
    1. at the back we have a old air raid shelter it looks like a mass grave when i take visit around
    some find it funny and say is that were you put them when they gone some are shock we need a friendly disable garden as this will be the last stop for them it would be nice if they and their family could sit and enjoy the garden together

  • sally riley

    please come and do my garden, i haave no patio, i need a path, would love an arbour for my grapevine to grow on and need a haandrail and some steps redone to help with my mobilty as i keep falling doen the uneven steps!! please please please chose me, my husband is so fed up of mee nagging. we have no more more or time. i feel so overwhelmed with all the work needs doing.

  • bsmith

    Hi there,

    We are sorry to inform you that the programme finished last year and therefore are not currently requesting for applicants. But please keep an eye out as there is a strong possibility a sencond series will be recorded soon.

    Many Thanks,


  • bsmith

    We are no longer accepting requests as the series finished last year but if you want to apply for the next series, then please follow this link –

    Fingers crossed you get chosen!



  • Jody

    We are looking for help to sort out our 100 foot garden, full of childrens stuff and 4 chickens! We have lived here for 6 years and have not found this time to make it a ‘homely’ garden, it is in desperate need of TLC.

  • Julie Braconnier

    Hi I have progressive m.s and have just moved in a partly disabled bungalow in Maidstone. I now live alone and really need help. The garden has amazing views but really needs work which I can’t do for obvious reasons. I would really appreciate a garden make over as I am housebound a lot of the time and want to make the most of the garden while I still can. Thank you in advance for considering me.

    Jules Braconnier

  • sam Tosun

    Hi there,

    We recently bough the new property and would love to have a garden makeover. We run out of the cash and won’t be able to do the garden for quite a while.
    Would love you t ohelp us with that.

  • Hi i would love a garden makeover i have 2 boys that have autisum and they cannot play youngest boy loves to swing on his swing and i would love a play area for them to play and a place for me to sit,hope you can help.

  • wendy elson

    Hi, We are currently renovating our new home which has the most awful rear garden, well there is no garden at the moment as the space is not only an awkard shape but totally laid to concrete slabs! we are desperate for ideas, your input and advice would be most appreciated.( if possible)
    desperate housewife Wendy

  • Hi – I bought my house 5 years ago but sadly didn’t have a full structural survey done – unfortunately we discovered that there was nothing holding it up apart from a wooden beam that went half way across the living room so it cost a fortune in a loan to make it safe. I’m still paying this off so my garden has gone by the wayside. It’s a good size, nice & sunny with a lovely tree with dark red leaves in the summer but it’s not very family friendly – there are 3 of us plus 1 grown up daughter with son (our grandson), 2 tortoises, a cat & a much loved family cockapoo dog called Pip & any one else who cares to visit.

  • Tracy

    We bought the house nxt door and knocked thru, but don’t know how to make the 2 gardens 1 as previous neighbour was elderly and had huge garden whereas ours was small so now it looks odd the more money we put into it the worse it’s looking, desperate for help, can u help?

    Hoping so

  • i have lived here 4 almost 25 years and all the money my husband has spent i can honestly say i cant sit in the garden without it looking like atip please help???????? ps i make a lovely cuppa

  • Christine Rees

    Hi Garden ER.
    I’m writing to you in the hope you can sort out my In-Laws garden. They are finding the garden increasingly difficult to manage as my Mum in law is 85 and my father in law is 93. Mary has had several heart attacks and my Father in law has one leg,is blind and as you can imagine things are difficult.
    Both of them we garden mad , they always had the best hanging baskets, tubs and borders in the street, people would stop and admire their efforts. So to find they can no longer cope with the up keep is depressing for them to say the least.
    The back garden is the one that needs a makeover. To help with maintenance they cover most of the garden in cotswold stone chipping and planted various shrubs. This was fine for several years but now its difficult to weed as they lose their balance(my F-I-L is always falling down and hurting himself, this week he has a black eye and bruised face). The garden path and Patio have seen better days and is very uneven, basically needs ripping up. They have 2 sheds and a greenhouse which are antiquated and need replacing.
    It would be so nice for them to have a garden which they can tend to mostly by themselves and which is safe for them to walk down, with a seating area which is level and for them to enjoy in the later years of their lives.

    Thank you for reading my story.


  • Rebecca Elson

    Hi I would love a garden make over for my family. My Mum and Dad have lived in the same property in Somerset for over 25 years. They both work really hard running the village fish and chip shop (which you should really try they’re amazing) and their garden is very wild and hard to keep on top of. We have a stream running through it which makes it beautiful but I don’t think it’s at it’s full potential. It’s a very interesting garden with large trees and right next do to a railway line, it just needs a creative hand and man power to turn it into something stunning. My Dad has always done everything himself including laying patio and building a conservatory but I’d really love him to have a peaceful retreat he’s always desired yet not quite fully achieved. Thanks Rebecca (PS your register link didn’t work…)

  • Susie McQuin

    Desperate for help with concrete jungle! If doing a new series please consider me. Moving from lush Hereford Garden to concrete and grass on Pembroke coast near St Davids. New home has NO plants!!! blank canvas but I need ideas and help please.