Anglian Launch Bi-Fold Doors

By on 20th June in Our Company News

It’s been all go at Anglian Home Improvements over the last few months with the launch of A-rated windows, Orangeries and now Bi-fold doors!

Bi-folds from outside

If you are looking to add light to a room, or have a nice view  into your colourful, vibrant garden from your dining room, then Anglian’s Bi-fold doors are the perfect solution blurring the line between indoor and outdoor living.

With the possibility to have up to 7 panels across your kitchen, living room or conservatory, opening from the left, right or centre, and with an array of colours available they will suit your home beautifully, retaining the synergy of your home.

View from inside

Anglian’s exquisite Bi-fold doors open with ease to give you quick access to your garden, doing so without sacrificing security as they are fitted with Yale anti-bump lock and multi-point locking systems on the primary door, giving you peace of mind that you are safe and secure.

The doors work on rollers, folding in on themselves to open up the room giving you a sense of freedom, filling the room with fresh-air, ideal for warm summer evenings. Even during the winter months, they will maximise the amount of light in a room, keeping you warm and dry with a beautiful view.

Manufactured to the highest of standards and installed with great care you can rely on Anglian to provide the best solution to your bi-fold needs.

Outside view with doors open



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  • blackmore mrs

    Could bi-fold doors be fitted to a fairly new conservatory? or does it mean one has to have a new conservatory? They doors look great I wish they had been available before I had my conservatory build by yourselves approx. 4 years ago.

  • lwatts

    Unfortunately not, as the construction of the conservatory with bi-fold doors is different for ones with french doors. This cannot be fitted as a retrospective installation sadly.

    Thanks for your comment 🙂

  • Goria Mundy

    Are the bi-folds pictured here uPVC or aluminium? If uPVC, do you make aluminium? Thanks

  • lwatts

    Hi there,

    These are UPVC bi-fold doors, but unfortunately we do not make aluminium bi-folds at present.

    Thank you for your comment. 🙂

  • Steve Mundy

    Can you supply a PDF X section of the Bi-fold lower rolls and track . Please confirm what percentage of the door weight is carried by the bottom track and rollers. This is important as I am having a roof hip supported by a Lally pillar, with the intention of opening dual aspects to the garden.
    If to much weight is carried by the top track then the Bi-folds will alter the stress calculations currently in place regarding my building Reg,s. I am a wheelchair user and will also require a minimum threshold height for easy access. Please add any other information you may feel would be helpful.

  • Tony

    On your outward opening sets of bifold doors are there handles to enable you to pull the doors in when closing and locking them or if not how do you pull the doors into position to lock them? I ask because I cannot see any shown in your brochure.
    Many thanks

  • lwatts

    Hi Tony,

    The answer is yes – On the bi-fold doors there is a ‘D’handle which you use to pull the doors back into position to allow them to be closed and locked.

    If you follow this link ( and click more images, there is a photo that shows the ‘D’ handle (image 13).

    I hope this helps.