FAQs - Driveways


What is the life expectancy of an Anglian driveway?

Anglian guarantees your driveway for 5 years. We use 60mm blocks for added strength, so your driveway will look great and last for years to come.

Do your driveways comply with new legislations?

In England a new strict legislation for driveways was implemented as of the 1st October 2008. The new rules apply for householders wanting to hard surface over their front gardens. If the surface to be covered is more than 5m², you will need planning permission for laying traditional, impermeable driveways that do not control rainwater running off onto roads. You will NOT need planning permission if the surface to be covered is less than 5m² or if the new surface is permeable or porous, or if a traditional surface is laid and the rainwater is directed to a lawn or border to drain naturally, or if it is directed to a soakaway via a drainage channel. Anglian recognises that a new driveway shouldn’t be a daunting prospect and offers the answer to this with a SUDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) compliant solution.

What solutions do you offer for a SUDS compliant driveway?

We offer two options for a SUDS compliant block paving driveway, both designed to prevent surface water run off and both methods comply with all legislations.

1) Soakaways - A soakaway stores the rainwater and releases it at a controlled rate into the surrounding soil (Anglian surveyor can confirm suitability).

2) Permeable Blocks - These blocks are designed so that water can permeate between them. Anglian’s Porlock range of permeable blocks do not require planning permission and eliminate the need for drainage, surface channels, gullies and soakaways.

Do you offer driveway lighting?

Yes we offer a variety of lighting solutions.

How will you ensure that my driveway will not sink?

Our first impressions are guaranteed to last. The existing ground is removed to allow for the installation of a firm foundation. The edge restraint is then laid on a concrete foundation around the perimeter - this will ensure that our entire installation is fully restrained, from the sub-base upwards. A Geotextile Membrane is laid, to prevent fine particle migration.

The sub base is now installed, in two stages. MOT type 1 material, which is used in road construction, is laid and compacted to a depth of 75mm. This is repeated to create a firm, level surface. A sharp sand ‘laying course’ is screeded to a level depth of 50mm, prepared until it is almost as smooth as a billiard table. Once all the invisible groundwork’s are completed we begin laying the blockpaving. All of the above steps ensure that your Anglian driveway is built to last.

What happens after we have accepted the quote for our home improvements?

Once your order has been received, Anglian will carefully manufacture your products to your exact specification. We will arrange an installation date with you and then an expert team of Anglian fitters will install your improvements quickly and efficiently, and with the least possible inconvenience to you. To view the whole process, please see our step by step guide.

Why can't you give me a price online?

Every one of our products is bespoke. This means they are tailor-made specially for your home and because of this we cannot give you an approximate price online – it would be impossible to give you an accurate figure.

How long will the visit from the sales adviser take?

We usually advise you to allow at least an hour, but this will depend on your individual requirements. At an appointment we will measure up, discuss the styles and options that suit you and your needs, and then provide you with a quote tailored to your specifications.

What will happen during the visit from the sales adviser?

Our sales adviser will listen carefully to your individual requirements and talk you through our design and manufacture process. They will demonstrate our high quality products, take some careful measurements and give you a free no obligation quote - tailored to your specific requirements.

How long does the installation take?

We will do the installation as quickly and efficiently as possible, the length of installation will depend on the size and complexity of your driveway, please ask a sales adviser for more details.

When will I need to pay for my improvements?

A deposit for the improvements may be required and then the balance will be due on completion of the installation.

What funding options do you have available?

We offer a range of finance options through Anglian Financial Services to make your home improvements more affordable. For more information on our finance packages please visit our finance page.