A step-by-step guide to your spacious new conservatory or extension

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  • 1You Make The Call

    So you've decided you want a conservatory or extension? It doesn't matter at this stage whether you've decided on a style, what type of glass or security features you want – we can help with all that.

    All you need to do is call us, FREE, on 0800 500 600 or click on Get a Quote. We’ll give you all the advice you need and help you create the exact space you want – at your own, highly-competitive, one-off price!

  • Consultation process

    2FREE, No-Obligation Design & One-Off Quotation

    Next, we’ll agree a convenient time to come and discuss what you’d like. We’ll show you pictures for inspiration.

    We’ll then discuss different styles of conservatories & extensions with you and advise you on which would best suit how you’ll be using the space.

    Then we’ll give you a competitive quote for your own, special one-off conservatory or extension design.

  • Step-by-step

    3The Law

    We will apply for all necessary planning permissions and third party approvals on your behalf.

    So you can sit back and relax, knowing that Anglian will have it sorted for you.

  • We will help make sure the plans for your dream conservatory are approved

    4A Detailed Professional Survey

    Once you’re happy with the quote, a professional surveyor from Anglian will arrange the best time to come and see where you want your conservatory or extension.

    This is where we do the important preparation, checking things like floor levels and drainage runs.

    And at the end of it you’ll get a full, detailed survey telling you all you need to know & what we’ll be doing.

  • Anglian Glass factory

    5We Design and Make Your Conservatory Ourselves

    We don’t believe in outsourcing. We want to be sure that everything we do for you meets Anglian standards. So from the initial CAD drawings of your conservatory or extension to the sweeping up, we make sure it’s done right.

    We make our own uPVC and our own glass - in Britain - in our own state-of-the-art factory.That way, we can make it for very competitive prices as well as keeping an eye on the quality.

  • 6We Prepare the Foundations and Site

    The majority of conservatories are constructed on traditional concrete trench footings. The line of the trench will follow the shape of your conservatory. The depth of the foundations is traditionally 650mm with the top the foundation two bricks below ground level.

    If, however, due to soil conditions or tree roots, additional depth is required, Anglian will excavate to a depth of 1000mm at no additional cost.

  • Conservatory Start to Finish Membrane

    7We Take Extra Care with Damp-proofing & Insulation

    The Anglian insulation process creates a stout thermal barrier between you and the ground – preventing cold air from rising and keeping warm air within the completed structure.

    And just to make sure, we then lay a 100mm-thick concrete base onto this layer.

  • Conservatory Start to Finish Brickwork

    8We Build the Walls, Frame and Roof

    We construct the cavity wall base and weld the uPVC sill into place. Next, we build the wall and the conservatory frame with minute precision to eliminate gaps and movement.

    We connect the frames, the eaves and the detailing, then install the guttering. And finally, carefully, we secure the roof in place. For our orangeries a flat roof is completed using a highly effective flat roofing membrane, before the lantern roof is affixed.

  • Conservatory step by step

    9The Final Touches

    That’s it. And once it’s complete, we give the room one final clean and take our mess away with us, so you’re ready to move in right away.

  • Conservatory Start to Finish buying furnishings

    10We Guarantee It

    We want you to be utterly delighted with your conservatory or extension, now and for years to come.

    So we give you a comprehensive guarantee that’s good for a decade on the windows and 15 years on the Ultra.2 Sealed Units. So if you have any concerns at all in the coming years – no matter how small – all you need to do is call us and we’ll be there to put it right.

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Why you’ll be glad you chose an Anglian conservatory or extension

What to expect from us

The beauty of choosing an Anglian conservatory or extension is we make every millimetre of it ourselves. That way, we can keep an eagle eye on every quality detail, but still keep our prices astonishingly competitive.

We even make our own sealed units and uPVC. Because, like Mum’s apple pie, nobody else quite makes it the way we like it. Our standards, in many areas, exceed British Standards. But our prices, like for like, are as competitive as the company next door.

We make sure we’re abreast – or preferably ahead – of all the latest technology and processes to ensure your conservatory is the most future-proof you could possibly invest in.

But a great product’s not the only reason we have more than a million happy customers. We also work hard to make our service second to none. We take care of all the dull stuff like planning permission and building regulations for you, and let you just enjoy the good stuff – like helping to design your perfect conservatory and, well, just enjoying it when it’s finished.

You don’t even have to clean up after us – our professional fitting teams will leave it so clean you could eat your dinner in it.

Quality without compromise

All Anglian products are manufactured and installed to the highest quality standards using the latest technology and processes.  

An Anglian Conservatory beautifully complemented by Thomas Sanderson Blinds

The final touches

We have perfected a unique and exclusive system for Anglian's White Knight conservatories that ensures a colour match and fit between the two elements - the conservatory and the blind system.

These blinds fit seamlessly into the uPVC windows without any interference with the architecture of the conservatory and provide shading exactly where it's needed - and Thomas Sanderson offer exclusive discounts to Anglian customers.